We track rental returns on buy-to-let property, and rate countries on factors key to successful investment.

The gross rental figures in this table are an average of yields in various cities in the specific country. Click on the country yield percentage to view the statistics for cities.

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Last updated June, 2024
Argentina 4.64% Moderate
Austria 3.59% Poor
Belgium 4.20% Poor
Brazil 6.24% Good
Bulgaria 4.65% Moderate
Canada 5.10% Moderate
Chile 4.73% Moderate
Colombia 7.24% Very Good
Costa Rica 6.36% Good
Croatia 4.78% Moderate
Cyprus 4.57% Moderate
Czech Republic 3.58% Poor
Denmark 4.16% Poor
Dominican Republic 6.74% Good
Egypt 5.90% Good
Estonia 4.51% Moderate
Finland 4.24% Poor
France 4.52% Moderate
Georgia 7.85% Very Good
Germany 3.74% Poor
Greece 4.82% Moderate
Hong Kong 3.39% Poor
Hungary 5.75% Moderate
Iceland 5.50% Moderate
India 4.39% Poor
Indonesia 5.68% Moderate
Ireland 7.85% Very Good
Israel 2.53% Very Poor
Italy 7.38% Very Good
Japan 4.33% Poor
Latvia 8.06% Very Good
Lithuania 6.44% Good
Luxembourg 2.67% Very Poor
Malaysia 5.16% Moderate
Malta 3.66% Poor
Mexico 5.71% Moderate
Montenegro 5.95% Good
Morocco 4.41% Poor
Netherlands 6.01% Good
Norway 3.79% Poor
Panama 6.42% Good
Peru 5.72% Moderate
Philippines 5.19% Moderate
Poland 5.75% Moderate
Portugal 5.47% Moderate
Puerto Rico 7.05% Very Good
Qatar 5.61% Moderate
Romania 6.46% Good
Singapore 4.35% Poor
Slovak Republic 5.29% Moderate
Slovenia 4.45% Poor
South Africa 10.15% Very Good
Spain 6.17% Good
Sweden 5.68% Moderate
Switzerland 3.05% Poor
Taiwan 2.18% Very Poor
Thailand 5.79% Good
Tunisia 5.20% Moderate
Turkey 7.13% Very Good
United Arab Emirates 5.27% Moderate
United Kingdom 7.03% Very Good
Uruguay 6.54% Good
Vietnam 3.84% Poor

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Our Long Term Investment Rating is based on many factors:

  • Gross rental yield
  • Income tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Round-trip transaction costs
  • Potential landlord and tenant problems
  • Long-term GDP growth
  • Potential over-supply
  • Affordability
  • A view of long-term appeal to investors

For an explanation of the research and data on which the table is based, see DATA FAQs