This is a site for residential property investors who want to buy houses or apartments in other countries.

Our focus is financial. You may already know what countries you're interested in, what type of house you want to buy. What you probably don't know is the rent you might earn in another country, what you'll be taxed, and what the landlord and tenant law is, etcetera.

Those add up to one word: profit!

Why is property investment in another country sometimes a good idea?

  • It can bring a good income. Choosing a 'rising' country can maximize returns.
  • It can bring capital gains. Again, the right choice is crucial.
  • Diversification. Any portfolio should have a range of assets (shares, cash, property). It really helps if some of those assets are in different countries.

Are we trying to sell you something? No! (Though we do carry agents' property listings, which they (not us) are trying to sell)

Are we 'objective'? Totally. We fervently believe in a philosophy of 'fundamental investing' in property, as in the stock market. We emphasize that to get a good return, it is essential to buy where there are high rental yields, low costs, and low taxes.

We're interested in being rational, as property investors. We've developed the world's only global rental yields database, researched by a hard-working in-house team, to support a 'fundamental investor perspective'. We've also developed the world first global transactions costs database.

In a lot of countries, you lose 20%-30% of a property's value merely by buying and selling it. That makes no sense.

Check here - we've got the facts. We give you nothing but the facts about the financial aspects of residential property investment.

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