Middle-east: Square metre prices, US$.

Average per square metre (sq. m.) prices in US$/€ of existing residential dwellings located in the capital or most important city of each country.

Residential square metre prices published by the Global Property Guide are based on in-house research, using a simple method we systematically scan web advertisements, looking at offers for sale, and offers for rent, of resale apartments and houses.

Many countries produce residential house price time-series.

Source: Global Property Guide Research

This table was last updated in September 2023.
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Israel,Tel Aviv $ 14,740 $ 1,369
United Arab Emirates, Dubai $ 3,864 $ 359
Qatar, Doha $ 2,725 $ 253
Morocco, Rabat $ 1,640 $ 152
Tunisia, Tunis $ 990 $ 92
Egypt, New Cairo $ 520 $ 48