Asia: Price/rent ratio

This ratio is typically used to measure the undervaluation/overvaluation of real estate prices. It is calculated by dividing the average house price by the average yearly rent. Essentially, it provides information about the number of years it would take to recoup our investment in the current market situation. Generally, any value up to 20 could be considered a potential investment market, with lower values being more favorable. However, this calculation does not account for taxes or other costs associated with the purchase and rental process.

When were these data collected?

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This table was last updated in September 2023.
Taiwan 49 yrs
Hong Kong 32 yrs
Vietnam 25 yrs
Japan 23 yrs
India 23 yrs
Singapore 21 yrs
Philippines 20 yrs
Malaysia 19 yrs
Thailand 16 yrs
Indonesia 13 yrs
Georgia 11 yrs