When you are buying to let, you'll want to know the rental yield - ie. the return on your investment - the percentage return on the money spent.

So if you bought for $1 million, and earned a rent of $1,500 per month, your gross rental yield would be $1,500 x 12 / $1 million = 3.6%. Not a great yield; we would judge it to be poor.

Rental Yields Compared

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Country/City Gross Rental Yield
(% per annum)
Yield Rating
Andorra 3.16% Poor
Argentina, Buenos Aires 2.45% Very Poor
Aruba, Bakval and Malmok et al 7.32% Good
Australia, Sydney 2.85% Very Poor
Austria, Vienna 2.25% Very Poor
Bahamas 8.16% Excellent
Belgium, Brussels 4.56% Moderate
Bermuda 4.76% Moderate
Brazil, Sao Paolo 3.26% Poor
BVI, Tortola 2.85% Very Poor
Bulgaria, Sophia 5.12% Moderate
Cambodia, Phnom Phen 5.33% Moderate
Canada, Toronto 3.91% Poor
Cayman Is., Grand Cayman 7.25% Good
Chile, Santiago 4.10% Poor
China, Beijing 2.10% Very Poor
Colombia, Bogota 6.30% Moderate to Good
Costa Rica, San Jose 7.48% Good
Croatia, Zagreb 5.43% Moderate
Cyprus, Limassol 4.74% Moderate
Czech Republic, Prague 3.14% Poor
Denmark, Copenhagen 4.84% Moderate
Ecuador, Quito 6.75% Moderate to Good
Egypt, Cairo 9.40% Excellent
El Salvador, San Salvador 8.49% Excellent
Estonia, Tallinn 4.89% Moderate
Finland, Helsinki 3.37% Poor
France, Paris 2.79% Very Poor
Gambia, Banju; 5.94% Moderate to Good
Germany, Berlin 2.95% Poor
Ghana, Accra 8.81% Excellent
Greece, Athens 3.97% Poor
Guadeloupe, Grande-Terre 5.71% Moderate
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island 2.35% Very Poor
Hungary, Budapest 5.24% Moderate
India, Mumbai 2.32% Very Poor
Indonesia, Jakarta 7.09% Good
Ireland, Dublin 7.09% Good
Israel, Tel Aviv 2.68% Very Poor
Italy, Rome 3.92% Poor
Jamaica, Kingston 9.75% Excellent
Japan, Tokyo 2.66% Very Poor
Jordan, Amman 8.82% Excellent
Kenya, Nairobi 6.66% Moderate to Good
Latvia, Riga 4.06% Poor
Lebanon, Beirut 4.51% Moderate
Lithuania, Vilnius 5.39% Moderate
Luxembourg 4.40% Poor
Macedonia. Skopje 4.98% Moderate
Madagascar, Antananarivo 7.38% Good
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 3.72% Poor
Malta, Valleta 3.37% Poor
Martinique, Fort-de-France 5.12% Moderate
Mexico, Mexico City 4.18% Poor
Moldova, Chisinau 10.00% Spectacular
Montenegro, Coastal Areas 7.53% Good
Morocco, Marrakesh 5.52% Moderate
Netherlands, Amsterdam 3.72% Poor
New Zealand, Auckland 3.41% Poor
Nicaragua, Managua 7.70% Good
Norway, Oslo 3.09% Poor
Panama, Panama City 5.75% Moderate
Peru, Lima 4.80% Moderate
Philippines, Metro Manila 6.13% Moderate to Good
Poland, Warsaw 5.50% Moderate
Portugal, Lisbon 5.45% Moderate
Puerto Rico, San Juan 7.12% Good
Romania, Bucharest 5.88% Moderate to Good
Russia, Moscow 4.54% Moderate
Serbia 4.44% Poor
Singapore 3.30% Poor
Slovakia, Bratislava 4.53% Moderate
Slovenia, Ljubljana 4.69% Moderate
South Africa, Cape Town 3.88% Poor
Spain, Madrid 4.00% Poor
St. Kitts 4.90% Moderate
St Lucia 3.57% Poor
St. Martin 4.90% Moderate
Switzerland, Geneva 3.10% Poor
Taiwan, Taipei 2.06% Very Poor
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam 8.57% Excellent
Thailand, Bangkok 5.13% Moderate
Trinidad 6.88% Moderate to Good
Turkey, Istanbul 1.93% Very Poor
Ukraine, Kiev 9.09% Excellent
UAE, Dubai 5.19% Moderate
UK, London 2.76% Very Poor
US, New York 2.91% Poor
Uruguay, Montevideo 4.96% Moderate
Vietnam/HCMC 4.33% Poor

What assumptions are made in presenting the Guide's rental yields?

We are interested in the sort of properties which will be attractive to foreign renters. This is not always the same type of property in all locations.

In European cities, we lean towards properties in historic city centres, therefore our 'typical' property is more likely to be a 90-year old refurbished apartment of character, than a newly built apartment.

Foreign renters are usually interested in properties which are in excellent condition, with good facilities, and which have been refurbished or redecorated within the last five years. Our properties are therefore relatively expensive, though less expensive than the very newest properties, except where new-builds dominate the market.

Our typical case is a 120 sq. m. apartment, but not always. Place your cursor over the yield number to see exact dimensions.