Property Data

Publication by the Global Property Guide research team.

Generally, yes. We collect data to a high standard either from respected legal offices, government entities or we do our own research.

Completely. The main issue with almost all companies which provide property data is that they use it to sell their own recommended property investments. The Global Property Guide is in the unique position that we can offer genuinely independent advice. We do not sell property. We are not connected to any property companies.

Though we accept advertisements, the separation of editorial and adverting is absolute at the Global Property Guide, as in all reputable newspapers and magazines.

The methodology of our country ratings system is objective and transparent, which should further reassure readers as to our independence.

Four distinct types of sources.

1. In-house research
The following data result from in-house research:

  • Square metre purchase prices, estimates of rentals, gross income returns (yields)
  • Round-trip buy-and-sell transaction costs
  • Property investment ratings

2. Accountancy firms
The following data is provided by accountancy/legal firms:

  • Rental income tax estimates
  • Capital gains tax

3. Central bank and national statistical data

  • House and apartment price trends

Four types of data are necessary (we believe) to a residential investment decision:

  1. Transaction costs. Computations of total buying and selling costs.
  2. Rental income tax and capital gains taxes. We provide 'standard cases' which show what taxes are typically payable.
  3. Price trends. We provide house price time-series over 1,5 and 10 year periods.
  4. Square metre prices, rentals, and gross rental yields.

The Global Property Guide?s research covers over 70 countries in some depth, for most we can supply price and/or rents data. Please see the All Countries section for a complete list of countries.

The Global Property Guide subscription grants you access to all of our online data and research - that is rental yields, pricing data and more.