We calculate below total transaction costs, i.e., the costs of buying a property plus the costs of selling. Click on the country name for more details.

Transaction Costs Compared

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Country/City Roundtrip Cost: total cost of buying and then selling a property
Argentina, Buenos Aires
Aruba, Bakval and Malmok et al
Australia, Sydney
Austria, Vienna
Bahrain, Almanamah
Barbados, St James
Belgium, Brussels
Belize, Ambergris Caye
Botswana, Gaboron
Brazil, Sao Paolo
BVI, Tortola
Bulgaria, Sophia
Cambodia, Phnom Phen
Canada, Toronto
Cape Verde, Praia
Cayman Is., Grand Cayman
Chile, Santiago
China, Shanghai
Colombia, Bogota
Costa Rica, San Jose
Croatia, Zagreb
Cyprus, Limassol
Czech Republic, Prague
Denmark, Copenhagen
Dominica, Roseau
Dom. Rep., Puerto Plata
Ecuador, Quito
Egypt, Cairo
El Salvador, San Salvador
Estonia, Tallinn
Finland, Helsinki
France, Paris
Fr. Polynesia, Tahiti
Gambia, Banju;
Germany, Berlin
Ghana, Accra
Greece, Athens
Grenada, St. George
Guadeloupe, Grande-Terre
Guam, Hagatna
Guatemala, Guatemala City
Honduras, Tegucigalpa
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island
Hungary, Budapest
India, Mumbai
Indonesia, Jakarta
Iran, Tehrah
Ireland, Dublin
Israel, Tel Aviv
Italy, Rome
Jamaica, Kingston
Japan, Tokyo
Jordan, Amman
Kenya, Nairobi
Latvia, Riga
Lebanon, Beirut
Liechtenstein, Vaduz
Lithuania, Vilnius
Macedonia. Skopje
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Malta, Valleta
Martinique, Fort-de-France
Mauritius, Port Lewis
Mexico, Mexico City
Moldova, Chisinau
Montenegro, Coastal Areas
Morocco, Marrakesh
Namibia, Windhoek
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Neth. Antilles, Bonaire
New Zealand, Auckland
Nicaragua, Managua
Nigeria, Lagos
Norway, Oslo
Oman, Muskat
Panama, Panama City
Papua New Guinea
Paraguay, Asuncion
Peru, Lima
Philippines, Metro Manila
Poland, Warsaw
Portugal, Lisbon
Puerto Rico, San Juan
Qatar, Doha
Reunion Is., St. Denis
Romania, Bucharest
Russia, Moscow
Senegal, Dakar
Seychelles, Victoria
Slovakia, Bratislava
Slovenia, Ljubljana
South Africa, Cape Town
South Korean, Seoul
Spain, Madrid
Sri lanka, Colombo
St. Kitts
St Lucia
St. Martin
St. Vincent
Sweden, Stockholm
Switzerland, Geneva
Taiwan, Taipei
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam
Thailand, Bangkok
Tunisia, Tunis
Turkey, Istanbul
Turks and Caicos Is., Providenciales
Uganda, Kampala
Ukraine, Kiev
UAE, Dubai
UK, London
US, New York
Uruguay, Montevideo
US VI, St. Croix
Vanuatu, Port-Vila
Venezuela, Caracas

The Global Property Guide provides transaction costs in two formats:

  1. Transaction costs as a range.

    We give a range because the costs paid by the buyers and sellers vary widely. Agentsand lawyers costs are often negotiable. Purchasers of expensive properties often pay proportionately less registration fess than purchasers of new properties. The reasons for the variation are explained in detail in the footnotes.

    Transaction costs as a range example: Philippines

  2. Transaction costs 'typical case'.

    We provide 'typical case' transaction costs in order to allow comparison between different countries. For comparisonthe following assumptions are adopted:

    1. The property purchased by a non-resident in the country where he/she is buying.
    2. The property worth USD 250,000 (€ 250,000 for Europe).
    3. Is paid in cash.
    4. Is a condominium located in a major city.

    Transaction costs comparison example: Asia

Our method for calculating transaction costs.

Some transaction costs are difficult to quantify. Others are very subjective. For the purpose of our research we focus on four major costs:

  • Registration costs are the fees and taxes incurred in registering the property with the competent land cadastre or registry. These include registration fees, stamp duties, and notary fees.
  • Real estate agent fees best capture various search costs. Real estate agent acts as a middleman in a property purchase, matching buyers with sellers, acting as intermediary in price negotiations. They typically assist buyers during the registration process.
  • Legal fees are paid to lawyers or to the conveyancer in the preparation of sales and purchase agreement. In some countries, the use of lawyers is mandatory. Lawyers are typically asked to ensure that there are no liens on the property. Legal fees are different from notary fees.
  • Sales and transfer taxes are imposed by local and national governments on the sale and purchase of real estate. They include Deed Taxes, Transfer Taxes and Value-added Tax (VAT).

Other incidental costs such as survey fees, acquisition fee for tax number or residency permit or costs for setting up a company are not included in our calculation, for various reasons. Annual property taxes and capital gains taxes are also not included, although they are typically paid before the property is registered.


Global Property Guide Research, with inputs from local real estate agents, government agencies, and World Bank Doing Business