Rental Yields in Ireland compared to Europe

Latvia, Riga 7.81%
Ireland, Dublin 7.7%
Romania, Bucharest 6.36%
Poland, Warsaw 6.02%
Montenegro, Podgorica 5.7%
Portugal, Lisbon 5.67%
Turkey, Istanbul 5.58%
Lithuania, Vilnius 5.47%
North Macedonia, Skopje 5.44%
Belgium, Brussels 5.39%
Spain, Madrid 5.27%
Greece, Athens 5.25%
Hungary, Budapest 5.12%
Cyprus, Nicosia 5.03%
Netherlands, Amsterdam 5%
Croatia, Zagreb 4.89%
Italy, Milan 4.81%
Estonia, Tallinn 4.78%
France, Paris 4.56%
Sweden, Stockholm 4.54%
Slovenia, Ljubljana 4.32%
Slovak Republic, Bratislava 4.11%
Czech Republic, Prague 4.05%
Bulgaria, Sofia 4.04%
Denmark, Copenhagen 3.87%
Finland, Helsinki 3.8%
Malta, Valletta 3.67%
Germany, Berlin 3.32%
Austria, Vienna 3.29%
Switzerland, Zurich 3.11%
Luxembourg, Luxembourg 2.59%
Norway, Oslo 2.46%

Ireland publishes official house price statistics. The Central Statistics Office of Ireland releases a monthly residential property price index. Statistics on dwelling construction and sales activities are also available. The Economic and Social Research Institute of Ireland also publishes monthly average house prices and a quarterly house price index. General economics statistics are published by the CSO.