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House Price Change 10 Years - Germany Compared to Europe

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Austria 86.33%
Iceland 68.49%
Sweden 59.88%
Serbia 59.80%
Norway 57.52%
Germany 48.54%
Malta 45.67%
Luxembourg 44.93%
Switzerland 34.33%
Belgium 23.02%
Estonia 19.75%
UK 18.08%
Netherlands 9.78%
Macedonia 9.05%
Russia 1.72%
France 0.84%
Denmark -0.10%
Poland -3.82%
Slovak Rep. -5.42%
Slovenia -7.54%
Bulgaria -9.49%
Italy -15.75%
Ireland -18.43%
Lithuania -25.01%
Cyprus -27.99%
Spain -35.89%
Romania -41.69%
Latvia -41.78%
Greece -42.31%
Ukraine -69.04%

Germany: Price changes, 10 years (%)

The percentage changes in house prices (or the house price index) over 10 years using the latest data available, not adjusted for inflation.

Source: Various sources

Germany's house price statistics are of moderate quality. The best source of house price time-series is the monthly hedonic house price index from Europace and the annual house price statistics from the European Central Bank. General economic data can be extracted from the Federal Statistical Office and the Bundesbank, see their Statistics | Time Series Database.