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House Price Change 10 Years - Ireland Compared to Europe

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Austria 84.05%
Iceland 69.32%
Serbia 59.80%
Sweden 59.47%
Norway 57.24%
Luxembourg 44.73%
Germany 44.39%
Switzerland 34.42%
Malta 32.35%
Belgium 24.46%
Macedonia 19.27%
Russia 16.22%
UK 14.96%
Estonia 8.21%
Slovak Rep. 7.15%
Netherlands 5.43%
France 2.30%
Bulgaria 2.12%
Poland -3.31%
Denmark -3.93%
Slovenia -11.47%
Italy -13.70%
Cyprus -17.22%
Lithuania -22.88%
Ireland -24.98%
Spain -38.01%
Greece -42.29%
Latvia -46.74%
Ukraine -66.85%

Ireland: Price changes, 10 years (%)

The percentage changes in house prices (or the house price index) over 10 years using the latest data available, not adjusted for inflation.

Source: Various sources

Ireland publishes official house price statistics. The Central Statistics Office of Ireland releases a monthly residential property price index. Statistics on dwelling construction and sales activities are also available. The Economic and Social Research Institute of Ireland also publishes monthly average house prices and a quarterly house price index. General economics statistics are published by the CSO.