Price/Rent Ratio in Lithuania compared to Europe

Luxembourg 39 yrs
Switzerland 33 yrs
Austria 30 yrs
Malta 27 yrs
Germany 27 yrs
Czech Rep. 25 yrs
Denmark 24 yrs
Belgium 24 yrs
Finland 24 yrs
Norway 23 yrs
Slovenia 22 yrs
Bulgaria 22 yrs
France 22 yrs
Croatia 22 yrs
Estonia 21 yrs
Cyprus 20 yrs
Hungary 20 yrs
Iceland 20 yrs
Greece 19 yrs
Slovak Rep. 19 yrs
Netherlands 18 yrs
Portugal 18 yrs
Sweden 18 yrs
Poland 17 yrs
Montenegro 17 yrs
North Macedonia 17 yrs
Romania 16 yrs
Spain 16 yrs
Turkey 16 yrs
Lithuania 15 yrs
Italy 13 yrs
Latvia 13 yrs
Ireland 13 yrs

Lithuania does not publish an official house price or rents time-series. The real estate firm Inreal published annual prices and rents for Vilnius from 1998-2007. Ober Haus, another private firm, publishes monthly average apartment prices in Vilnius and a monthly apartment price index for Lithuania's 5 largest cities. General economics statistics for Lithuania are published by the Bank of Lithuania and the Statistikos Departamentas, which keeps construction and stock of dwellings figures, but no house prices or rents.