Rental Yields in Portugal compared to Europe

Latvia, Riga 7.81%
Ireland, Dublin 7.7%
Romania, Bucharest 6.36%
Turkey, Istanbul 6.21%
Poland, Warsaw 6.02%
Montenegro, Podgorica 5.7%
Portugal, Lisbon 5.67%
Lithuania, Vilnius 5.47%
North Macedonia, Skopje 5.44%
Belgium, Brussels 5.39%
Spain, Madrid 5.27%
Greece, Athens 5.25%
Hungary, Budapest 5.12%
Cyprus, Nicosia 5.03%
Italy, Milan 5.01%
Netherlands, Amsterdam 5%
Croatia, Zagreb 4.89%
Estonia, Tallinn 4.78%
France, Paris 4.56%
Sweden, Stockholm 4.54%
Slovenia, Ljubljana 4.32%
Slovak Republic, Bratislava 4.11%
Czech Republic, Prague 4.05%
Bulgaria, Sofia 4.04%
Denmark, Copenhagen 3.87%
Finland, Helsinki 3.8%
Malta, Valletta 3.67%
Germany, Berlin 3.32%
Austria, Vienna 3.29%
Switzerland, Zurich 3.11%
Luxembourg, Luxembourg 2.59%
Norway, Oslo 2.46%
Iceland, Reykjavik %

Portugal releases the average value of bank evaluations on housing, through the Instituto Nacional de Estatistica. The Bank for International Settlements has mean value, in euro per square meter, of credit evaluations of all dwellings carried out by banks, which originally came from the Banco Portugal.

General economics statistics are available from Instituto Nacional de Estatistica and Banco Portugal.