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GDP per Capita Growth, 5 Yrs (%) - Croatia Compared to Continent

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Data covers: 2011 to 2015

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Ireland 16.39%
Iceland 9.56%
UK 6.41%
Estonia -0.88%
Latvia -0.90%
Lithuania -1.40%
Malta -1.46%
Romania -2.80%
Macedonia -5.88%
Moldova -7.56%
Belarus -8.75%
Switzerland -8.94%
Poland -10.03%
Luxembourg -10.52%
Albania -11.12%
Turkey -11.40%
Bulgaria -11.96%
Slovak Rep. -12.09%
Montenegro -12.51%
Germany -12.54%
Hungary -12.66%
Bosnia & H. -13.54%
Denmark -15.10%
Austria -15.20%
Belgium -15.48%
Sweden -15.72%
Finland -16.77%
France -17.12%
Slovenia -17.15%
Netherlands -17.29%
Portugal -17.66%
Spain -18.91%
Czech Rep. -19.17%
Serbia -20.30%
Croatia -20.36%
Italy -22.18%
Norway -25.53%
Cyprus -29.54%
Greece -30.54%
Russia -34.85%
Ukraine -40.79%



Croatia: GDP/cap growth, 5 years (%).

The percentage change in GDP per capita for the latest 5 years for which data is published. (see Data FAQs)

Source: IMF World Economic Outlook Database


Croatia produces a semi-annual house price index. House price data and general economics statistics can be obtained from the Croatian Bureau of Statistics. Centar Nekretnina, a private real estate website, publishes monthly data on average price of flats.

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