House Price Change 5 Years in India compared to Asia

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Sri Lanka 79.04%
Pakistan 36.71%
Taiwan 30.93%
Japan 28.91%
South Korea 28.42%
Hong Kong 27.68%
Macau 27.15%
India 27.15%
Singapore 26.53%
Thailand 17.30%
Indonesia 12.61%
Malaysia 11.26%
China 10.65%
Philippines 4.52%
Vietnam 0.00%
Mongolia -8.40%

India: Price changes, 5 years (%)

The percentage changes in house prices (or the house price index) over 5 years using the latest data available, not adjusted for inflation.

Source: Various sources

India launched Residex (India's house price index) in July 2007, through the National Housing Bank (NHB). Since Residex is relatively new, its methodology is being revised every so often. The eventual aim is to cover residential housing for 63 cities, before extending coverage to commercial property and land. At date of writing (early 2014) Residex covered 26 cities, with 2007 as base year. Residex is publicly available and can be accessed at the National Housing Bank's site. General economics statistics are from the Reserve Bank of India.