How to Buy Property in Egypt as a Foreigner

Who can buy property in Egypt?

Foreigners are permitted to acquire real estate and attain full ownership in most cities of Egypt, according to Law No 230 of 1996. This law specifies that foreigners can own a maximum of two properties within Egypt, with each property not exceeding 4,000 square meters in area. The purchase requires approval from the Council of Ministers, a process that typically takes around two months.

Under Egyptian law, non-residential property ownership is not permitted for foreigners on an individual basis. However, a foreigner can acquire and own non-residential property by establishing a company to engage in business, administrative, or industrial activities in Egypt. It´s important to note that foreigners are restricted from owning agricultural lands or lands that can be reclaimed for agricultural purposes throughout Egypt.

Do the research

Investing in Egyptian real estate holds appeal due to its rich history, strategic location, and government efforts to encourage foreign investment. The tourism sector, featuring attractions like the Red Sea Riviera, adds potential for rental income. Infrastructure developments and economic reforms enhance the overall market. However, careful consideration of market conditions, legal regulations, and economic factors is crucial before making investment decisions in Egypt.

Additionally, it is important to highlight that real estate agents, both individuals and companies, are not regulated in Egypt. Before signing any contract, it is advisable to conduct thorough checks on the estate agent and/or developer. This can be done through your local lawyer and by seeking recommendations from others who have previously purchased properties.

Here are some sought-after real estate investment locations:

  • Cairo - As the capital and largest city, Cairo is a major economic and cultural hub. It offers a diverse real estate market, including residential and commercial properties. Areas like Zamalek and Maadi are known for their upscale neighborhoods.
  • Giza - Adjacent to Cairo, Giza is famous for the Giza Plateau, home to the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. The area attracts both tourists and investors interested in unique properties.
  • Alexandria - Located on the Mediterranean coast, Alexandria is known for its historical significance and vibrant atmosphere. The city´s real estate market includes properties with sea views and historical charm.
  • Hurghada - Another Red Sea resort town, Hurghada is known for its beautiful beaches and water activities. The real estate market here includes beachfront properties and developments.
  • New Cairo City - A modern development on the outskirts of Cairo, New Cairo City is characterized by new infrastructure and residential projects. It attracts investors looking for contemporary living.
  • 6th of October City - Another satellite city near Cairo, 6th of October City offers a mix of residential and commercial properties. It has become a popular choice for those seeking suburban living.
  • North Coast - The North Coast of Egypt, along the Mediterranean, features resort communities and vacation properties. It is known for its sandy beaches and summer attractions.

Where to find properties online:


Foreigners are eligible to secure property loans in Egypt. The Egyptian banking system permits non-residents to apply for such loans, contingent on specific conditions and requirements.

Generally, foreigners seeking a property loan in Egypt would need a valid residence permit, proof of income or employment, and must meet the specific criteria outlined by the lending institutions in the country.

Due Diligence and Sales Contract 

When purchasing a residential property in Egypt, conducting due diligence is a vital step, although not legally obligatory for every transaction, it is strongly advised. The responsibility for due diligence falls on the buyer, who often collaborates with professionals such as real estate lawyers or agents in the process.

Initiate the due diligence process before making any firm commitments or paying a deposit. The duration of this process may vary, ranging from a few weeks to a few months.

Property Buying Costs and Taxes in Egypt

Transaction Costs
    Who Pays?
Registration Fee US$16 - US$125 buyer
Notary Fees 3.00% buyer
Legal Fees 2.00% - 3.00% buyer
Stamp Duty 0.125% - 0.30% buyer
Stamp Duty 0.125% - 0.30% seller
Real Estate Agent´s Fee 2.00% - 3.00% seller
Costs paid by buyer 5.125% - 6.30%  
Costs paid by seller 2.125% - 3.30%
Source: Global Property Guide