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Aug 01, 2013

For better yields in Austria look outside Vienna, to Graz

Last Updated: Aug 01 2013
VIENNA - InnereStadt Apartments COST (€) YIELD (p.a.) PRICE/SQ.M. (€)
65 sq. m. 538,070 1,169 2.61% 8,278 17.99
120 sq. m. 1,143,240 2,182 2.29% 9,527 18.18
200 sq. m. 2,717,600 4,024 1.78% 13,588 20.12
VIENNA - other areas apartment
50 sq. m. 199,400 755 4.54% 3,988 15.09
85 sq. m. 369,750 1,238 4.02% 4,350 14.56
120 sq. m. 601,080 1.755 3.54% 5,009 14.79
200 sq. m. 1,111,000 2,860 3.09% 5,555 14.30
SALBURG - Apartments
40 sq. m. 143,360 614 5.14% 3,584 15.34
75 sq. m. 290,775 1,148 4.74% 3,877 15.30
120 sq. m. 601,200 1,799 3.59% 5,010 14.99
GRAZ - Apartments
40 sq. m. 117,200 504 5.16% 2,930 12.59
75 sq. m. 180,150 828 5.52% 2,402 11.04
120 sq. m. 384,120 1,247 3.90% 3,201 10.39
Vienna: Innere Stadt, Währing, Döbling, Margareten, Josefstadt, Heitzing, Mariahilf
Salzburg: Salzburg (Stadt)
Graz: Graz (Stadt)
Source: Global Property Guide Definitions: Data FAQ See also: Update Schedule

Properties in Vienna’s Innere Stadt are much more expensive than properties in the other wealthy neighborhoods of Vienna. In our latest survey, average prices per square metre (sq. m.) of apartments in Innere Stadt were two to three times the average prices per sq. m. in the other upscale neighborhoods in Vienna (this is the second year we have separated out Vienna’s Old Town or Innere Stadt from the other upscale neighborhoods in Vienna, such as Döbling, Heitzing, Josefstadt, Margareten, Mariahilf, and Währing).

Innere Stadt is Vienna’s least populated district, with roughly 17,000 inhabitants. But with a workforce of around 100,000, it is Vienna’s largest employment locale.

Apartments in Innere Stadt change hands at around EUR 8,000 to EUR 13,600 per sq. m., whereas in the other areas, apartments cost around only EUR 4,000 to EUR 5,500 per sq. m.

Innere Stadt apartments fetch for higher rents, ranging from EUR 18 to EUR 20 per sq. m. per month. In the other upscale districts of Vienna, rents range from EUR 14 to EUR 15 per sq. m. per month. Vienna’s Innere Stadt therefore has the poorest rental yield, at around only 2.20%. In Vienna’s other luxurious areas, rental yields range from 3.09% to 4.54%, with smaller apartments earning the highest rental returns, and bigger apartments earning the lowest rental returns.

Salzburg apartments cost around EUR 3,600 to EUR 5,000 per sq. m. Rents on Salzburg apartments are close to Viennese levels, at around from EUR 15 per sq. m. per month. Smaller apartments return higher yields than smaller apartments in Salzburg, where a 40 sq. m. apartment returns 5.14% rental yield, while a 225 sq. m. apartment returns only 3.59% rental yield.

Apartments are most affordable in Graz, where apartments cost, on average, EUR 2,400 to EUR 3,200 per sq. m. In Graz, rents range from EUR 10 to EUR 12.50 per sq. m. per month.

Gross rental yields are the highest in Graz, ranging from 5.16% to 5.52%. Mid-sized apartments of 75 sq. m. now return higher rental yields than bigger apartments.


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