Tax on property income in Austria


Nonresidents are taxed on their Austrian-sourced income. Married couples are taxed separately.

Income Tax

Income is taxed at progressive rates.

Income Tax 2023

Up to €11,693 0%
€11,694 - €19,134 20%
€19,135- €32,075 30%
€32,076 - €62,080 42%
€62,081 - €93,120 48%
€93,121 to €1 million 50%
Over €1 million 55%
Source: Global Property Guide

Rental Income

Taxable rental income is the excess of receipts over income-related expenses (werbungskoten). Expenses such as maintenance and repairs, depreciation, administrative expenses (including professional tax advice), interest payments and real estate tax are deductible.

Nonresidents suffer special penalties, the tax base of each nonresident individual being notionally increased by €8,000.

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Stamp Duty on Lease Contracts

Stamp duty is levied on various transactions in Austria, including lease contracts. Stamp duty rates range from 0.8% to 2%.

Capital Gains

Capital gains realized from properties which were acquired as of 31 March 2002 is subject to capital gains tax at a flat rate of 30%. Taxable capital gains are calculated as selling price less acquisition costs and related expenses.

Capital gains realized from properties acquired before 31 March 2002 are taxed at specific different rates.


Real Estate Tax

Property taxes in Austria are levied on the assessed value of real property, which is generally less than the prevailing market value. It is levied at a basic federal rate, multiplied by a municipal coefficient. The basic federal rate is generally 0.20% and the municipal coefficients range up to 500%.


Income Tax

The standard corporate income tax rate is 24%, which is levied on income and capital gains earned by companies. This rate applies to companies incorporated in Austria or foreign companies doing business in Austria.

According to the Eco Social Tax Reform Act, the Corporate Income Tax rate will be reduced from 25% to 24% for 2023 and further to 23% in 2024.