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Jul 11, 2016

Gross rental yields for Ljubljana apartments unchanged this year, at 4.41% to 4.77%

Last Updated: Jul. 11, 2016
LJUBLJANA - Apartments COST (€) YIELD (p.a.) PRICE/SQ.M. (€)
75 sq. m. 192,150 764 4.77% 2,562 10.19
120 sq. m. 342,360 1,259 4.41% 2,853 10.49
Ljubljana: Bežigrad and Center
Source: Global Property Guide Definitions: Data FAQ See also: Update Schedule

Prices and rents of Ljubljana apartments have been virtually static over the past two years.  We found that now - in 2016 - the average price per square metre (sq.m.) of apartments in Ljubljana is around EUR 2,650. We found that a 75-sq. m. apartment costs around EUR 192,000 to buy, while a bigger 120-sq. m. apartment can cost as much as EUR 342,000.  

The gross monthly rental income per sq. m. is around EUR 10.50.  We found that our typical this 80-sq. m. apartment earns around EUR 765 per month, while a 120- sq. m. apartment can earn around EUR 1,260 per month.

The gross rental yield for apartments in Ljubljana, i.e., the gross return on investment in an apartment if fully rented out, ranges from 4.41% to 4.77%.

Round trip transaction costs are low in Slovenia. See our Property transaction costs analysis in Slovenia and Round-trip property transaction costs in Slovenia, compared to the rest of Europe.


#1 MATTHEW COUSINS | June 14, 2010

Hi i purchased a apartment a few years in slovenia.And i found the whole experience a nightmare from the agent i used to the builder i purchased of, and the lawyer who did the conveyacing.I found the lot of them to be corrupt , also i would advive anybody who is thinking of purchasing in slovenia to be very carefull.Yours Matthew.

#2 BONDY | June 13, 2011

Rent prices went down significally in Ljubljana in last year. An equipped 40m2 appartement in a center of Ljubljana gives you nowday max. 420 EUR per month before taxes.

#3 BONDY | August 13, 2011

I agree with you. I wanted to sell my property in 2008 through real estate broker. But found out that real estate broker, although I paid him, didn't work in my favour.

I just read in local financial newspaper that 22% of all real estate loans are in CHF. Most of people took a loan in 2007 when the price of CHF vs EUR was the lowest. According to my accountings they need to pay 50% more on their principal plus the interest. I personaly expect a big crash in the real estate market in Slovenia

#4 KEVIN | January 08, 2012

Hi there, i purchased in Slovenia in 2,005. l lIKE Matthew also found it to be a nightmare and very corrupt. I now own a property which was illegally built. And have now to take a lawsuit out against the builder i purchased off.Even tho i used a lawyer, she di,nt bother to inform me of these facts.You will find that when you have a problem and you have contact with the building inspector and planning officer, nothing is regulated. And it,s common knowledge that in the town of K.Gora there are many illegall buildings.So please beware. As you normally do not find out you have a problem until you want to sell. Regards. Kevin.

#5 KEVIN | January 08, 2012

Hi , i agree with matthews comments.I purchased in Slovenia in 2,005. I now own a property which is worthless. The builder i purchased off , i have to sue.It was built illegally and the lawyer i used did,nt bother telling me these facts.I have been informed by the building inspector that, i can not sell, insure or mortgage the property. So beware as in this country there are many buildings , without the correct planning. When you find out there,s a problem is usually when your selling. Please beware.

#6 SEBASTJAN | August 12, 2014

Hi All, I am from Slovenia and I agree that you can find here corrupted people, but you can find them also in others countries..I want to point out that isn't so bad here. If anybody still has some problems.. I am working with good and fair lawyers and I am also a real estate and curt appraiser. Contact me if you need help or some advice.

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