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Spring may not be so hot for U.S. housing markets

18 March, 2018

This multi-millionaire salesman pitched residential real estate as an investment. But no, he never owned the place he lived in.

05 March, 2018

Home sales falling in the U.S. - but not for the reason you think

04 March, 2018

Slowdown in U.S. rental housing market after a decade of unprecedented growth

20 January, 2018

Easing of inventory constraints to slow home price growth in U.S. in 2018

12 December, 2017

Upwards pressure building in U.S. housing markets

17 November, 2017

Republican tax reform could hit U.S. high-end housing markets

16 November, 2017

U.S. foreclosure filings at lowest level for 11 years

18 October, 2017

These cities in the world are most vulnerable to a housing bubble

07 October, 2017

U.S. housing market's unexpected strength

04 October, 2017

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