The laws in Cyprus are pro-tenant

July 17, 2006

Cyprus SKARINOU NR LARNACARents: Can landlord and tenant freely agree rents in Cyprus?

The rental market can be divided into two broad categories: Houses controlled by the Rent Control Law (1983), and the free market. The Rent Control Law and its updated amendments apply to tenancies of residential or business premises which lie within what the law defines as 'Controlled Areas,' i.e., towns, suburbs and rural centres, which were completed before 29 December 1995. However foreigners (except the non-Citizen wife of a citizen of the Republic) and legal entities controlled by non-residents, are not covered by the provision of the law, and do not benefit from Rent Control Law protection.

After the first tenancy has expired or been terminated, the law allows for an agreed increase of maximum 14% of the existing rent, but not before the lapse of two years from the date of the last application, or the date of the last voluntary increase. In case of refusal by the tenant, the Rent Control Courts will determine a 'reasonable rent,' taking into account the opinion of the official valuer, and factors such as age, dimensions, location and condition. A rent control tribunal is composed of a president (who is a judicial officer) and two lay members, representing the tenants and the landlords.

Cyprus mediterranean housesWhat rights do landlords and tenants have in Cyprus, especially as to duration of contract, and eviction?

Before the EU negotiations, no foreigners could rent out property. Even today, non-EU property owners cannot rent out property.

Eviction of tenants is relatively difficult. The Rent Control Law introduced the concept of the 'statutory tenant.' This is the person who at the expiration of the first tenancy, in case of a property within the ambit of the Rent Control Law, remains in possession of the premises. A statutory tenant cannot be evicted except in three cases:

  • Where he failed to pay the rent
  • Where the landlord needs a house for himself or for members of his family or his dependent parents
  • Where the landlord intends to demolish and reconstruct the house, or to effect such substantial alteration or reconstruction as to render the recovery of possession of the premises absolutely necessary

Even in such cases, the Rent Control Court may order the landlord to grant to the tenant in lieu of damages, the right to a new tenancy after the reconstruction. Finally, the Court maw award damages equal to 9-18 months rent, and/or damages for loss of goodwill of a business.

For post-1995 houses the terms of the contract apply.


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How effective is the Cypriots legal system?


Duration until completion of service of process 60
Duration of trial 120
Duration of enforcement 180
Total Days to Evict Tenant 360
Courts: The Lex Mundi Project


The Rent Control Law 1983. Agricultural land, furnished apartments for less than 6 months, hotels and petrol stations do not fall within the ambit of the Rent Control Law.

Brief History: Recent changes in Cyprus landlord and tenant law

The present law arose under circumstances that tenants needed extensive protection. The Turkish military invasion of 1974 caused thousands of refugees to move to Southern Cyprus and created serious housing problems requiring immediate steps to prevent landlords evicting tenants.


Lived In Cyprus and Hated Every Minute of It | August 15, 2010

Cyprus is incredibly difficult. I don't recommend anyone come here. Landlords are grumpy and try to cheat you. Just think what the Greeks did to the banks of Europe and you'll have a pretty good picture of a Cypriot landlord. People here have no culture. They yell at you and swear at you if you piss them off. I hate this island, and I'm glad I'm leaving soon.

HATED CYPRUS TOO! | August 24, 2010

I posted this yesterday and, inexplicably, it was taken down. So here it it again. What is described above is exactly what is happening to us right now: our landlord is making our last days in Cyprus a living hell by trying to bully us out of our apartment before our notice date. He is screaming at us, harrassing us, threatening and insulting us. People here are incredibly unpleasant, rude and very anti-foreigner, EU or not. We're very happy to be off the island soon too!

Pamela | January 12, 2013

As a landlord the above comments are unfair i have tenants that don't pay their rent and keep telling me next week.. No wonder us landlords are grumpy its not nice to classify us all the same.. My tenants keep steeling my brooms if i leave them outside.. So it would be nice if you would be a little bit considerate

folarin | September 29, 2015

You are right.. Landlords in cyprus are just cruel and few of them or good expecially those who are civilsed and traveeled out of cyprus... Imagine i was the best tenant in my house even me and my landlord son club together but my rent was due to pay and with much pressure my roomate left coz we gave him 5000TL out of 6000TL and he threw the 5000TL on my friend so my friend left. I have my rent with me and he was telling me to pack out if i could not get another roomate that he need full rent all together.. moreso last year the house was very bad and with my money i bought chairs,tv,new set of toilets,bed with my money..

What would i do now coz the pressure is much that i should get another rromate and am trying my best everyday but new student will soon arrive

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