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Will foreign investment in the Australian housing market fall?

05 June, 2018

Stricter lending restrictions threaten housing markets in Australia

11 May, 2018

Houses priced at more than $1 million now common in Australia

18 April, 2018

New Zealand to ban property managers from making tenants pay letting fee

15 April, 2018

New Zealand to hit property speculators with taxes on capital gains

06 March, 2018

Australian banks curb lending to property investors as housing markets cool

12 February, 2018

New Zealand home owners cashing out of housing market, selling properties at a loss

08 February, 2018

Aussie buyers show increased interest in U.S. housing market

30 January, 2018

'Share of foreign ownership in Australian housing market not significant enough to raise concerns'

11 December, 2017

Construction boom poses risk to housing markets in Australia

08 December, 2017

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