Inheritance tax and inheritance law in Lithuania

This content is archived and no longer updated.

The Law on Taxation of Inherited Property regulates the inheritance. Inheritance tax is levied on individuals who have inherited Lithuanian property. The object of taxation shall be inherited movable and immovable property, securities and money.

The tax base is the market value of the estate or the inheritance. The tax base is only 70% of the inherited assets. The tax rate is 5% for inherited property up to €150,000. The tax rate is 10% for inherited property exceeding €150,000.


Tax Base, LTL (€) Tax Rate
Up to €150,000 5%
Over €150,000 10% on all value exceeding €150,000

The following are exempt from inheritance tax:

  • property inherited from a spouse;
  • property inherited by children and adopted children, parents and foster parents, by a custodian or children under custody, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters;
  • property with a taxable value not exceeding €3,000.