Guide to Property Taxes in Qatar

Nonresident individuals, other than Qatari and GCC nationals, are taxed only on their business income in Qatar.

Income Tax

Income tax is levied on any foreign business entity, whether a legal entity or a natural person, carrying out a business activity in Qatar. A "business activity" is defined as any occupation, profession, service, trade, or the execution of a contract or any other business for the purpose of making a profit.

Income tax is levied at a flat rate of 10%. Taxable income is calculated as gross income less income-generating expenses.

Rental Income

Leasing property is considered a business activity and rental income is taxed at the standard income tax rates. Income-generating expenses are deductible when computing taxable income.

Capital Gains

Realized capital gains not related to business activities are not liable to tax.

Capital gains realized by individuals carrying on a business activity are taxed at the standard income tax rates.

Property Tax

There are no property taxes in Qatar.

Corporate Taxation

Income Tax

Corporate income tax is levied at a flat rate of 10%. The new income tax law, which came into effect in January 2010, was established to encourage foreign investment.

Buying and Selling Costs

Cost Component Percentage of Property Value Who Pays?
Property Transfer Tax 0.25% Buyer
Agent Fee (Buyer) 0-2% Buyer
Agent Fee (Seller) 0-2% Seller
Legal Fees 0.50-1.00% Buyer
Notary Fees 0.50-1.00% Buyer
Roundtrip Transaction Cost 1.75% Buyer & Seller
Source: Global Property Guide, Deloitte