GDP/Cap Growth 5 Years in El Salvador compared to Latin America

This table was last updated in November 2022.

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Guyana 235.59%
Honduras 30.77%
Mexico 29.94%
Nicaragua 28.92%
El Salvador 28.03%
Guatemala 26.15%
Costa Rica 18.54%
Uruguay 17.76%
Argentina 16.32%
Chile 13.15%
Panama 11.13%
Peru 10.23%
Bolivia 5.91%
Brazil 5.21%
Ecuador 5.13%
Venezuela 3.15%
Paraguay -0.62%
Colombia -7.32%
Suriname -17.95%

No house price statistics are published in El Salvador. The Centro Nacional de Registros publishes no housing statistics. The Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador produces good general statistical time-series, which are up to date and nicely displayed. This is an exemplary site for a country of this size. There are also excellent statistics on the financial system and on many other aspects of life in El Salvador at the Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero.