Rental market growing

Mongolia´s rising property prices have resulted in stronger demand for rental property as households choose to rent rather than buy. Mongolia Properties estimates rental yields at about 15-18% per annum.

In Ulan Bator average rental yields between 2005 and 2013 were over 11% per year. Presently the average rental rate of:

  • one-bedroom apartment for local residents is between MNT 300,000-500,000 MNT (US$151-252) per month
  • two-bedroom apartments rent for between MNT 500,000-750,000 (US$252-378) per month.

Prices in the upper end of the residential rental markets (including those geared towards expats) have remained reasonably stable at around US$ 600-800 per month for a one-bedroom apartment near the CBD, based on M.A.D. Research estimates.


  Young professionals/ Voluntary service personnel Professionals Mid-management/ Consultants Senior executives/ Heads of mission/ Diplomats
Type of accommodation Studio/ 1-bed/ shared Studio/ 1-bed Studio/ 1-bed/ 2-bed 2-bed minimum, with separate kitchen
Floor size 40-60 sqm 40-80 sqm 60-100 sqm 120-300 sqm
Rental ceiling US$500-US$900 US$600-US$1,500 US$1,200-US$3,000 US$2,500-US$8,000
Source: M.A.D. Research

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