As the high season in Phuket approaches, the Airport of Thailand Authority (AOT) has introduced new incentives for airlines who begin new services to Phuket international airport.

The new scheme was launched on the 1st November and offers a ninety-five percent reduction on landing fees to airlines who introduce services on new routes to Phuket.

Any scheduled flights landing within off-peak times; from 1am to 8:59am and 10pm to midnight, will receive seventy baht per passenger.

Additional flights added to existing routes will not be able to benefit from the new scheme.  However, they will receive sixty baht per passenger if landing within off peak hours and forty baht per passenger when landing at peak times.

Charter flights bringing passengers from new destinations will also be entitled to the ninety-five percent discount but will only receive thirty-five baht per passenger at off-peak times.

Charter flights from existing destinations will receive thirty baht per passenger off peak and twenty baht at peak times.

The scheme is open to all international airlines as long as they show a clean record and have no outstanding debts with AOT.

Air Asia is one Airline that will benefit from the new scheme following their recent announcement of new direct flights between Depansar, Bali and Phuket.