Tax on property income in Aruba

April 24, 2012


Nonresidents are taxed on their income sourced from Aruba. Married couples may be taxed jointly or separately. However, spouses cannot opt for joint taxation on their incomes from employment, business, and freelance work.


There are four recognized categories of income: (1) income from real estate, (1) income from movable property, (3) business and employment income, and (4) rights on periodical payments. The taxable income of nonresident individuals is gross income from all sources less deductions and allowances.

There are two schedules of income tax. Schedule I applies to the following:

  • A married taxpayer whose spouse do not have earned income
  • A married taxpayer who has opted for joint taxation
  • An employee who was married for at least 5 years but is now permanently separated or divorced
  • An unmarried taxpayer who claims child allowance

Schedule II applies to all other taxpayers that do not satisfy the conditions for Schedule I. Income tax is levied at progressive rates and the tax bands are adjusted annually for inflation.

Income Tax

Schedule I Schedule II
Up to 7,118 (US$3,977) 7.00% 7.40%
7,119 - 16,759 (US$9,363) 9.55% 10.05%
16,759 - 27,555 (US$15,394) 13.70% 14.45%
27,555 - 39,888 (US$22,284) 18.00% 19.00%
39,888 - 53,593 (US$29.940) 23.50% 24.80%
53,593 - 68,994 (US$38,544) 29.00% 30.60%
68,944 - 83,020 (US$46,380) 34.10% 35.95%
83,020 - 98,189 (US$54,854) 38.00% 40.10%
98,189 - 117,528 (US$65,658) 41.75% 44.05%
117,528 - 145,448 (US$81,256) 43.20% 45.60%
145,448 - 186,683 (US$104,292) 46.25% 48.80%
186,683 - 250,446 (US$139,914) 52.00% 54.85%
250,446 - 296,956 (US$165,897) 54.20% 57.20%
Over 296,956 (US$165,897) 55.85% 58.95%
Source: Global Property Guide

Income derived by individuals from the leasing of immovable property is taxed at normal progressive rates. Taxable income is gross rental income less maintenance costs, land tax, insurance premiums, and interest on mortgage payments.

Income from immovable property includes not only rent and lease payments, but also income from second houses, which are not rented out.

Capital gains realized from selling real estate property, excluding the taxpayer's principal residence, are taxed at the progressive income tax rates.

Capital gains realized on real properties that are considered business assets are taxed at progressive rates only if the gains qualify as income from independently performed activities.


Real Estate Tax (Grondbelasting)

Real estate tax is an annual tax levied on real property in Aruba. The tax is levied at a flat rate of 0.4% of the property's rental value if it exceeds AWG60,000 (US$33,520). The resulting value is multiplied by 12.5 if the property was built before 01 March 1977. If the property was built thereafter, the applicable multiplier is 8.333.

The property owners are liable to pay for the real estate tax. Properties are assessed for tax purposes for a period of 5 years. The tax is payable in four equal installments, on or before the last day of each quarter.

Property owners can request that no real estate tax be levied on the property if the property is not used and not rented for a subsequent period of 6 months. Property owners need to submit such requests within 3 months after the end of the relevant calendar year.



Corporate income tax is levied on: (1) business or trading income, (2) passive income such as dividends, interest, and capital gains. Income and capital gains earned by companies are taxed at the flat corporate tax rate of 28%. Income-generating expenses are deductible when calculating taxable income.