Income tax on rent, worked example, in Fiji

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Non-resident couple´s joint monthly rental income1 US$1,500 US$6,000 US$12,000
Annual Rental Income 18,000 72,000 144,000
Less Costs2 (6,700) (21,700) (43,400)
= Taxable Income US$11,300 US$50,300 US$100,600
Income Tax Rates3
Up to FJD8,840 20% 1,126 1,126 1,126
FJD8,840 - FJD10,000 25% 185 185 185
FJD10,000 - FJD20,000 30% 1,490 1,911 1,911
Over FJD20,000 31% - 11,644 27,237
Annual Income Tax Due US$2,790 US$14,866 US$30,459
Tax Due as % of Gross Income 14.00% 14.00% 14.00%

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1 The property is jointly owned by husband and wife. Exchange rate as of 05 October 2007: 1 USD= 1.57015 FJD.

2 Estimated costs. Allowable deductible expenses are land rent (if any), local authority rates, property insurance, repairs and maintenance.

2 Income tax rates for nonresidents.