Inheritance tax and inheritance law in Lebanon

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Inheritance taxes are levied at progressive rates depending on the degree of kinship between the deceased and the heir. The lowest rates apply to the deceased's children, higher rates apply to parents and other close relatives, and the highest rates apply to distant relatives and other persons not related to the deceased.


Up to 30 million (US$19,868)
3% - 16%
30 million - 60 million (US$39,735)
5% - 21%
60 million - 100 million (US$66,225)
7% - 27%
100 million - 200 million (US$132,450)
10% - 33%
200 million - 350 million (US$231,788)
12% - 39%
Over 350 million (US$231,788)
12% - 45%
Source: Global Property Guide

The inheritance tax is levied on each beneficiary's net inheritance. The taxable inheritance is the gross estate less expired or irrecoverable debts, debts of the deceased, debts related to the estate, and burial expenses. Each beneficiary is also entitled to exemption amounts and special allowances.

Exemption Amounts

  • LBP40 million (US$26,490) for the spouse, parent, children
  • LBP16 million (US$10,596) for the grandparents
  • LBP8 million (US$5,298) for other heirs

Special Allowances

  • LBP14 million (US$9,272) for a handicapped child
  • LBP1,600,000 (US$1,060) for each year a minor child is below 18 years of age
  • LBP16 million (US$10,596) for a married heir
  • LBP8 million (US$5,298) for each child of the heir, up to a maximum of LBP40 million (US$26,490)