Property Taxes in Luxembourg

Nonresidents are liable to tax on income originating from Luxembourg. Married couples can file jointly or separately. Since Luxembourg has a complicated tax system, which is based on your marital status and other factors, we have shown a tax range instead of a calculated percentage. Please see below for more information.

Income Tax

There are several categories of income:

  1. Trade or business income
  2. Income from agriculture and forestry
  3. Income from self-employment
  4. Income from employment
  5. Income from pensions and annuities
  6. Income from movable property
  7. Rental income
  8. Miscellaneous income

Income is taxed at progressive rates. In computing the taxable income, income-generating expenses can be deducted from the gross income.

Taxpayers are classified into three main classes:

Class Description
Class 1

This includes single individuals, married taxpayers who have opted to be taxed separately, and certain married non-resident taxpayers.

Class 1a

This includes single parents with a dependent child, and individuals aged 65 and older, and may also include people with specific personal situations.

Class 3 This includes married taxpayers, widowed taxpayers (for the first three years after the death of their spouse), divorced or separated individuals (for the first three years after divorce), civil partners, and certain married non-resident taxpayers.
Source: Global Property Guide

Income Tax for Class 1

Taxable Income (€) Tax Rate (%) Tax Rate including Surcharge (%)
0 to 12,438 0 0
12,438 to 14,508 8 8.56
14,508 to 16,578 9 9.63
16,578 to 18,648 10 10.70
18,648 to 20,718 11 11.77
20,718 to 22,788 12 12.84
22,788 to 24,939 14 14.98
24,939 to 27,090 16 17.12
27,090 to 29,241 18 19.26
29,241 to 31,392 20 21.40
31,392 to 33,543 22 23.54
33,543 to 35,694 24 25.68
35,694 to 37,845 26 27.82
37,845 to 39,996 28 29.96
39,996 to 42,147 30 32.10
42,147 to 44,298 32 34.24
44,298 to 46,449 34 36.38
46,449 to 48,600 36 38.52
48,600 to 50,751 38 40.66
50,751 to 110,403 39 41.73
110,403 to 165,600 40 42.80
165,600 to 220,788 41 44.69
Over 220,788 42 45.78
Source: Global Property Guide

A solidarity tax of 7% on taxes (9% for taxpayers earning over EUR 150,000 in tax class 1 and 1a, or over EUR 300,000 in tax class 2) must also be paid.

Rental Income Tax

Taxable rental income realized from leasing properties may be computed in either of the two ways:

  1. Itemized Deduction: All expenses related to property such as management agent’s commission, maintenance and repair costs, insurance, mortgage and interest payments, property tax, and insurance premiums are deducted from the gross rent. Straight-line depreciation is also deductible, though land is not depreciable. Rates of depreciation are between 2% to 6%.
  2. Standard Deduction: A standard deduction of 35% of the gross annual rental income with a maximum of €2,700 is available instead. This deduction includes maintenance and repair costs, insurance premiums, and depreciation (not including debt interest on loans used to finance the property).

Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains realized through selling the real property within two years of acquisition are considered speculative gains and taxed at the standard income tax rate or 45.78%. The taxable gain is computed by deducting the acquisition price and incidental costs (agents’ commissions, fees to notaries, surveyors, advisers, etc.) from the selling price. No other deductions are allowed.

If the property is held for more than two years, capital gains are taxed at 50% of the overall tax rate or 22.89%. The taxable gain is computed by deducting the acquisition price and incidental costs from the selling price. In this case, the purchase price is adjusted by official coefficients to account for inflation during the period of ownership.

Furthermore, a single taxpayer will be entitled to a deduction of €50,000 for non-speculative capital gains. The amount is doubled if the property is owned by a married couple filing jointly. This allowance is available every ten years.

If the property was obtained by inheritance (direct line), the tax deduction can be increased by €75,000. The taxpayers can also defer the payment of capital gains tax if they decide to re-invest the money in a new property that will be rented out.

Property Buying and Selling Taxes/Costs

Cost Amount
Property Transfer Tax 7.00% - 10.00%
Agent Fee (Buyer) -
Agent Fee (Seller) 3.00% (+17% VAT)
Legal Fees 1.00% - 1.50%
Notary Fees 1.50%
Rountrip Costs 12.50% - 16.00%

Property Tax

A property in Luxembourg is subject to municipal ground tax which is levied annually at 0.7% to 1% of its assessed unit value (usually lower than its actual market value). The tax amount based on the preceding computation is further multiplied by a municipal coefficient that is between 120% and 900% depending on the municipality. The property’s unit value, basic tax rate, and the municipal coefficients depend on the property’s classification such as size, age, site, and economic use.