In Trinidad and Tobago, law is pro-tenant

June 15, 2006

Rents: Can landlord and tenant freely agree rents in Trinidad & Tobago?

Furnished dwelling houses with a monthly rent of TT$1,000 (US$161.29) or less are subject to rent restriction. Unfurnished dwellings with a monthly rent of TT$1,500 (US$241.93) are likewise covered. Under the Rent Restriction Act, rent adjustments for covered dwelling houses are subject to the approval of Rent Assessment Board. Either the landlord or the tenant may apply for a review of rent.

Every tenant and landlord, whether or not the dwelling house is covered by the Rent Restriction Act, is required to register with the Rent Assessment Board. The landlord has to register only once, but the tenant must register every time he signs a contract. If the tenant is unregistered, he loses most of his rights.


Rents are paid in advance. The terms for deposit and its return should be specified in the contract.

What rights do landlords and tenants have in Trinidad & Tobago, especially as to duration of contract, and eviction?

Usual rental agreements last for a year. If the tenant wishes to renew the contract, the tenant must inform the landlord in writing on or before the expiration of the contract.

It is possible that the contract would expire but the landlord and tenant have no intention of ending the tenancy. In the absence of a new contract, the tenancy may be ended by a notice to quit.

If a tenant refuses to leave, the landlord can ask for an eviction notice form the courts. The court will then task the police to assist the landlord in claiming the property.


Duration until completion of service of process 54
Duration of trial 103
Duration of enforcement 35
Total Days to Evict Tenant 192
Courts: The Lex Mundi Project

How effective is the Trinidad & Tobago legal system?

The Rent Assessment Board hears cases about rental disputes and landlord and tenant relations.

If the problem is not resolved by the board, both parties can ask for redress from the courts. It is a tedious process with cases lasting for years or even decades.


The Rent Restriction (Re-enactment and Validation) Act 2000 amends the Rent Restriction (Dwelling Houses) Act 1981. A Landlord and Tenant Act was passed by Parliament, but it was not proclaimed.


ray villafana | March 22, 2010

how do i go about getting a piece of land and house that my mother and father owned but they both are deciced ?

Martha Elliot-Sansavior | April 01, 2010

What is the procedure of owning your rented land after living on it for more than sixty (60) years? What are the rights of rented land tenants? What are you to do if the owner of the land you have been renting from is dead? What are you to do if no one ever come forward to claim the land you are living on?

lois Pollidore | April 24, 2010

Can HDC increase your rent when you are requested by them to come in and give them your family.And threaten you with evication when you request a new contract to sign for any increases in rent.That has happened to me .

Elizabeth | May 17, 2010

My appartment had 2 windows and one door to enter and leave. My landlord has blocked one of my windows to build another apartment now i have one window and he keeps telling me he'll do something about the ventilation. Now he wants 100 dollars more from next month. What steps can i take to stop this injustice?

JD | June 07, 2010

My landlord increased the rent by two hundred dollars monthyly indicating that the electricity bill went up, no comparison was provided to verify such. For almost a year two lights were not functioning in the apt, for sim months cable was not working and the ac unit also was not functional. Even though, messages were left regarding complaints and nothing was done until long after, there was a delay in providing funds for rent. Now I am given less than a week to vacate the apt, what, if any redress is possible?

simone robinson | July 12, 2010

I have been renting form a lady who recently passed away we were making arrangements for me to purchased the house but because there was no deed for the house there was a delay but unfortunately she has passed away and now her daughter has taken over, she wants to evict me after 13 years of renting form her mother is there a law regarding my situation thanx!

Deena DaY | July 20, 2010

I signed a lease agreement for a certain sum of money later the land lord decided to raise the cost by $400.dollars and I agreed to the extra charge ,however the lease agreement constitued if at any point I wish to end the contract ,I can do so by giving 30 days proper notice . I lived in the unit for 6 months during which time I realized there was no privacy what so ever anyways I decided to give my 30 day notice to end the tenancy , By mid month I was being harrased by the landlord ,It looks as though they wanted an early move out before the end of my last 30 days .what can I do ? In such a case.

sharon lakhan king | October 02, 2010

If the Rent Assessment Board nor the Rent Restriction Acts don't cover rents in excess of $1,500.00 which piece of legislation does? If my rent is due on the 26th September and I move into another apartment on the 4th of October, do I have to pay a full rent? What are my rights as a tenant?

linnell | November 01, 2010

i have evicted tenants from my building for extensive renovation needed to be done on the building.. i gave them a 90day notice.. now with time coming close to the due date, which is the end on November 2010. they are not paying the rent and still owing for the month of October along with bills they are to be paying, their arrears have exceded the deposit on the apartment.. what legal step can io take to get my money?

Pam Goolcharan | November 11, 2010

i have tenants who refuses to pay the rent on the grounds that she is saying that the yard was not maintained but was stated in the contract she has to maintain the yard,can i breach the contract and give her notice of eviction?

Nicola Mapp | March 19, 2012


| June 28, 2012

I gave my landlord three months notice that I was leaving and he turned around and gave me a months notice. Is this legal? I pay my rent on time and my contract is now expired over a year.

Annah | September 11, 2012

I rented out my house about 6 years ago before I left Trinidad. For the past two years the tenant has been missing rental payments. I have decided to evict this tenant. What can I do? There was no written agreement between us.

Adrianna | November 29, 2012

i have a tenant who have been renting from me for the past five years and i would like her to leave the property because i would like to do some renovation on the house and the apartment but there was not any written agreement or sign agreemet when she came to rent she said that she would not accept any notice to leave my apartment she does pay rent monthly so i would like to know if i can gave her a one month notice to leave my place i already told her to leave about three week ago verbslly and she agreed and now she does want to do so what can i do thank you for you time

Karet Frith | August 23, 2020

Can i get some advised here please, We were looking for a place to rent and we paid the downpayment of the deposit on a house. ($3000.00ttd) we were to move in the house the next two weeks but covid-19 started three days after paying down and we ask the real estate agent for an extension untill the monthend which they agreed upon. To really see how things going in the country because we were not sure about our jobs then we ask for another extension for two weeks and they agreed. then after were noticfy that someone else was interested in the house and its the pastor friend if we are willing to give it up which we said yes and once they get the house rented we would get back our money. Now they dont want to give us back any money from the deposit and three months has passed and the owner informed the agency that she no longer wants to rent the house.

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