The Zlín Region has an economy deeply rooted in industry, in particular engineering, rubber, and tire manufacturing, plastic, leather, and steel industries and chemical processing.

The region has some spas, reserves, fertile farmlands and vineyards. Its rich cultural heritage is exemplified by archaeological excavations dating back to the Great Moravian Empire. Its capital city, Zlín, is characterized by functional residential complexes built in the first half of the 20th century.

The Zlín Region is a relatively safe place to live in. It has the lowest number of road accidents, assaults, rapes, and suicides in the entire country.


The city of Zlín is at the junction of the ethnographic boundaries of Wallachia, Moravian Slovakia, and Haná.

The seeds of the region’s strong industrial base were planted in this city. Tomáš Baťa founded his shoe company here, and the town grew and prospered as the company did. Today, Zlín is not the most attractive of cities, with its functional urban buildings and layout, but it is one of the more important centres of business and industry in the Czech Republic.