The Zemgale district lies to the left side of the Dagauva river, which is the less glamorous side of Riga. It has many residential neighbourhoods, though none of them is especially noteworthy.

Key residential areas
Zolitude, Pleskodale, Beberbeki


Zolitude is largely occupied by dull, concrete prefab apartment blocks dating from the Soviet era. The main attraction of Zolitude is its proximity to Riga International Airport and to the resort town of Jurmala. Its population is largely Russian-speaking.


Pleskodale borders the Zolitude and Sampeteris neighbourhoods. It is a residential area mostly made up of private houses.


Beberbeki is a neighbourhood on the western edge of Riga, close to Riga International Airport and the Mukupurvs Forest. It features the green space of Beberbeki Park, which has a small lake good for ice fishing or beachside recreation. Most of the residences in Beberbeki are private houses.