Properties in  Yuen Long Hong KongMainly former marshlands, Yuen Long is unusually flat for Hong Kong. Public parks, trails and wetlands dominate the landscape of this district. Plots of land are still farmed, and restored 18th century temples are still in use. Many of the residences are in modern, high-rise public compounds that are well-served by buses and the MTR. Central plazas, shopping areas and playgrounds give these estates a community feeling, even if the huge, identical 40-storey buildings look impersonal at best.

Older neighbourhoods still have a village feeling, with modest, 3-storey detached or row homes mingled with industrial and agricultural plots. Oddly, several large, private gated subdivisions, such as Fairview Park, are also located here. Their amenities have attracted affluent residents to the area. While the view of Yuen Long from the main road is not pretty or scenic, unless one likes industrial and shipping container yards, the district does offer some history and practical living.