The state of Yaracuy is mostly mountainous, but many of its towns and cities are found in the valley between Sierra de Arao and Sierra de Nirgua. Its capital is San Felipe, founded in 1729 and rebuilt after the 1812 earthquake completely destroyed it. While it lacks colonial architectural inheritance, San Felipe’s prosperous agriculture makes it important in western Venezuela.

There is very little that Yaracuy can offer visitors. Its peace and quiet may be ideal to those who come from busy cities, but local residents leave if they can find work in busier regions with better job opportunities. A favourite local spot here, however, is the Tirgua National Park, which it shares with the state of Lara. It is a beautiful, well-kept park that encompasses a small range of the Andes, vast savannas, and dry tropical forest. There is a landscaped area with over 250 varieties of tropical flora species.