Properties in  Xinjiang ChinaXinjiang takes up 1/6th of China’s total land mass, broken up by three mountain ranges: the  Altay Mountains to the north, the grand Tianshan Mountains, and the Kunlun Mountain Range in the south. Xinjian also has the longest inland river in China, the 2,100-kilometre-long Tarim River.

Xinjiang is blessed with good weather, wonderful water, and excellent soil. The combination allows crops in Xinjiang to grow not only healthily, but rapidly as well. Cotton, tomato, cantaloupes, pears and grapes are a few of the many products grown here.

Xinjiang has a rich ecosystem with over 1000 wild species of flora and fauna protected in the lakes and 23 nature reserves scattered throughout the region.

Due to its vast area, wonderful climate and millennia-long settlement by humans, Xinjiang also has its fair share of unique historical and culturally rich areas to visit. The Kizil Thousand Buddha Grottoes, the oldest artistic monument to Buddha in China, are a series of centuries-old cave murals. The Jiaohe Ruins is the best-preserved old town in the country, a town that was already centuries old when it was destroyed in the 1300s.