Some of the best investment properties in Poland are in Wilanów (a prime area), Warsaw’s loveliest district. Sitting along Vistula’s riverbanks, and dotted with a huge number of lakes, Wilanów was the traditional summer destination of Polish royalty. Today, it is the exclusive residential area of the elite, with the fewest residents per square kilometre of all of Warsaw’s districts.

Wilanów also has its own cultural and historical landmarks, such as Wilanów Palace. It also has recreational attractions, such as biking trails and golf course. Because many foreign diplomats and expat executives reside here, the area has some excellent international schools.

Current housing projects in this district are targeted for the upscale market, with many luxury dwellings of various styles being constructed. Staying aligned with the lush natural landscape is an important design consideration of these projects. Rather than building modern shopping malls, the area will have individual retail stores to keep the atmosphere more rural, yet elegant. The busiest residential areas being developed are Powsin and Western Wilanów.

Wilanów’s main tourist destination is the splendid 17th century summer palace of King John III Sobieski. Its Baroque architecture is combined with traditional Polish styles, with some features borrowed elegant Italian villas and French castles. The oldest section has been kept intact through the centuries. The interiors of its 60 rooms exhibit varying styles spanning the 17th to the 19th centuries.

The palace is surrounded by a 43-hectare park that took 300 years to build. It has a Baroque formal garden, a flower garden and a neo-Renaissance rose garden with labyrinth. These days the palace is the main place in Wilanów for summer concerts and other cultural activities.