Called the Land of A Thousand Lakes, the Warmian-Masurian province enjoys a cooler climate than the rest of the country, and is often subject to windy weather and lots of rain, especially in June and July. The most important body of water is the UN-designated biosphere reserve of Łuknajno Lake in the Masurian Landscape Park. This lake, with its large population of wild swans and other waterfowl, is a protected wetland site.

Thirty percent of the province’s land area is forested. This region has eight landscape parks and a multitude of nature reserves, and is a major research destination of zoologists and botanists. It is also regularly visited by birdwatchers, cyclists and campers.

Many lakeside towns, most notably Mikolajki, are popular holiday spots where people go sailing and swimming in the summer. History buffs wouldn’t want to miss the ruins of Hitler’s base in the town of Gierloz, called the “Wolf’s Lair”.


Forests and lakes fill this regional capital, with forests occupying around 20 percent of the city, and the 15 lakes or so totalling an area of 725 hectares. The capital thrives on environmental tourism as well as outdoor sports and recreation. Many of the forests contain protected species such as oak, beech, maple and lime trees.