Properties in Vidigal Rio de JaneiroThe slum area (favela) of Vidigal is nowhere as large as Rocinha, but it is even poorer. Its advantage is a beautiful view of Ipanema and Leblon

Recently, Vidigal has caught the eye of foreign property dwellers, who want to build properties here that enjoy beautiful views of the beach—and one of the favela.  This has local slum dwellers worried that they might get pushed out in favour of these developments. The appeal of these favelas to foreigners, leading to the slums’ being featured in films and expatriates moving to live and start businesses like hotels in the area—has been controversial in Brazil, though many also welcome investment in the area and hope that this could lead to its improvement.

Vidigal is quite orderly, for a slum. The houses are masonry, and its residents are active in the community.

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