Properties in Veraguas PanamaVeraguas has beautiful beaches, and its mountain summits offer breathtaking views. Inhabited by Guaymi Indians, the province is a colourful mix of culture, heritage, and nature, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to one side, and the Pacific to the other.

Agriculture is the most important industry - grains, coffee, and sugar. �Tourism is gaining popularity, hardly surprisingly since Veraguas possesses a wealth of natural wonders, among which are the rugged peaks of Cordillera Central, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Beach bums will definitely feel at home in any of the province's beach destinations, including Playa Mariato, Malena, and Torio. �Playa Santa Catalina is gaining a reputation with surfers, as its six-meter waves are sure to lure in any board aficionado.

Veraguas also has fantastic coral reefs. �The Coiba National Park boasts the second-largest coral reef in the Central-Eastern Pacific. The area of Coiba also offers natural reserves at Santa Fe National Park, Montuoso Forest Reserve, and Yeguada Lagoon Forest Reserve.

Finally, the province boasts a church Baroque church, which can be seen in all its well-preserved splendour in the town of San Francisco de la Monta�a.