Vazrazhdane is quite a busy area. You get the bustle of traffic, industrial centres, and urban institutions that include schools (there are 17 elementary and high schools), libraries, churches, corporate and government offices, banks, the large and new Mall of Sofia, and a large number of retail shops.

However, there are relaxing public parks and other green zones to balance the tumult—these take up about a third of the district. They also help to alleviate the greyness of its characteristic concrete monuments. Preserving greenery and clean air is quite important to this municipality, and even the factories around the area have employed non-polluting measures to their manufacturing processes (mostly food production and footwear). Many of the residences here are tower blocks.

Perhaps the biggest attraction in Vazrazhdane is the National Polytechnical Museum, which exhibits technological innovations and milestones and the progression of certain industries, such as mining, in Bulgaria.