Before Point Piper and Bellevue stole some of its prestige in the real estate arena, Vaucluse (a prime area) was the most affluent suburb in Sydney. It remains one of the top five most expensive suburbs in the country, counting elegant period mansions on the hillside and on the waterfront, large bungalows and old apartments among its most desirable properties.

The most expensive house purchased in Vaucluse is Tahiti, a lavish garden residence near the harbour. It was bought by the South African Krok brothers for more than $29 million in September 2007.

Some of Vaucluse’s interesting sites include the Gothic-style Vaucluse House and the cone-shaped memorial to former New South Wales Premier, Sir John Robertson. Vaucluse also has some green areas, including beautiful Hermitage Foreshore Reserve and Nielsen Park, both part of the Sydney Harbour National Park. The Hermitage Foreshore Walk makes its way along the coastline from the reserve down to Bayview Hill Road.