The county of Västernorrland faces the Gulf of Bothnia in the east. Along the coast is its most famous feature, the steep cliffs known as the High Coast in the province of Ångermanland. The cliffs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provide proof of the effects of glaciation and rising land.

The county’s natural beauty includes green countryside in river valleys and around the lakes and three large rivers—Ångermanälven, Indalsälven, and Ljungan. But living in this picturesque county doesn’t just mean that it’s all about nature. Sundsvall has an international casino, and Birsta has the largest shopping centre in northern Sweden. The town of Örnsköldsvik near the High Coast Homes in Västernorrland are varied; you can invest in a property by the sea, or choose a more secluded home tucked away in a valley. Up-to-date apartments can be found in modern Sundsvall. House and apartment rates in this part of Sweden are definitely much lower compared to the large urban areas.

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