The borough of Ursynów on the Warsaw Plain sits about 20 metres higher than the Vistula River. With its massive horse racing tracks, the district hosts around 700 races annually. Warsaw’s fourth biggest district has been seeing rapid development especially since it was included in the metro system, improving access to the city centre from south of the capital.

Ursynów is known for the beauty of its forests. The rest of the place is mostly residential, with little industrial activity. In the west, Poland’s longest street, Pulawska, is a tad over 10 kilometres long and serves as Warsaw’s major link to the south. The street, which cuts across old rural villages, is the site of several on-going housing projects, mostly of individual family homes.

Considered one of Warsaw’s dormitory districts, Ursynów has a population largely made up of young people, from office employees and professionals to college students. Residents below 18 years old make up a quarter of the population. The dormitory district includes the hundred-hectare campus of the Warsaw Agricultural University.

Many of the eastern housing estates lie near the scenic Kabacki Forest, which the district shares with its neighbour Wilanów. This nature serve serves as a major recreational attraction, especially for cycling, picnicking and camping. The district in general has several shopping centres, entertainment centres, and sports and leisure facilities.