Key residential areas
Giesing, Harlaching


Properties in Untergiesing Harlaching GermanyGiesing is an area dominated by huge apartment blocks, and some co-operative housing. This area has long been a working-class district. Lately it is becoming more appealing as the buildings are being refurbished. There are plenty of shops here, especially on Tegernsseer Landstra�e. It has several an indoor swimming pool, sports field, and theme park. There is excellent public transportation, with bus, metro, and tram connections. However, it is hard to find parking.


Harlaching is quite a green area with the Perlacher Forest, a meadow by the Isar River, and some hiking paths. There is also a zoo. Public transport is fairly good, with bus, tram, and metro connections. Parking is very easy.

The area has apartment blocks both old, and detached houses, and the occasional villa. There are a lot of small shops, concentrated on Gr�nwalder Street, also some restaurants and beer-gardens. There are many leisure areas, including sporting grounds and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.