Trinity Palmetto Point (a prime area) is a parish of St Kitts. Most of the villages are near the coast, with the lowland terrain consisting of abandoned sugar estates and small farms. The area along the mountains is covered with lush tropical rainforests.

The parish’s coastline is a stretch of rocky shore interrupted by small strips of volcanic black sand beaches, with a dramatic backdrop of sheer cliffs. The coast has two prominent projections—Bloody Point and Palmetto—where two of St Kitts’ largest forts were built.

There are many affluent communities in Trinity Palmetto Point, particularly in the residential neighbourhoods of its capital Palmetto Point and in Mattingley, Hummingbird, and West Farm. This is due to the parish’s close proximity to the capital city of Basseterre and the presence of two leading universities in West Farm. Because of a growing student population, several residential complexes have been built within the Ross University complex.

Palmetto Point

Palmetto Point is the capital of the administrative parish of Trinity Palmetto Point. The leading residential complex in Palmetto Point is the Trinity Inn, which consists of inexpensive flats. The picturesque Trinity Anglican Church is in this village.

Mattingley Heights

Mattingley Heights is an upscale residential neighbourhood in St Kitts. Depending on the specific location, homes enjoy spectacular views of Nevis, the Caribbean Sea, the Basseterre region, or the South East Peninsula.

The neighbourhood is close to the island’s leading educational institutions: Ross University, Ross Medical School and International University of Nursing. For this reason there is a high demand in property and rentals among professors and students here.

West Farm

West Farm is an important region of St Kitts. Two of the country’s leading universities are here—Robert Ross Nursing University and Ross University of Veterinary Medicine. The veterinary institution was bought in 2003 by the prestigious DeVry University.

Due to the increase in faculty and student population, major expansion is being undertaken in the Ross University complex. This included the recent completion of new residential halls.

West Farm Paradise

West Farm Paradise combines a tropical countryside with scenic views of the Caribbean Sea. Across from it is the Ross University complex.

West Farm Paradise has an “Affordable Home” package offered at a starting price of US $50,000 with a guaranteed annual income and 3 weeks a year own usage as a “Caribbean Getaway”. The offer specifically targets those who are going to study for 2 to 3 years at Ross and want to reduce their rental costs.


Boyds is the largest village in the parish of Trinity Palmetto Point on the island of St Kitts, with a population of 591 inhabitants.