Tokyo City serves as the main heartbeat of Tokyo Metropolis. It is the prime seat of the Japanese government and the Imperial family. It is the main hub of commercial, business and financial activity in Japan.

The city’s development is quite rapid and impressive, from the modern structures that have been built all over the city to the efficient network of transportation, particularly the intercity railway.

Overall, real estate in Tokyo City is expensive. The nearer the property is from the centre, the higher its price. Japan has one of the highest costs of living in the world, and Tokyo City directly demonstrates this.

The price of a unit in Tokyo can go as high as more than US$1 million for a decent two-bedroom unit. In less expensive areas, units are too small. The costs of these smaller apartments are above the projected average costs.

This explains why nearby towns, which are well connected to the city, have a growing number of sale and rental properties. Although not considerably cheaper, properties are still less expensive compared to those found in the centre.

Despite its urban congestion, Tokyo City is able to breathe through its green parks and botanical gardens.