Toa Alta is the hometown to several of Puerto Rico’s poets and artists, including novelist Abelardo Diaz Alfaro, trovador/poet Manuel Santiago Rivera, and its favourite son, the musician Tomas "Masso" Rivera. In tribute to his contributions to Latin-American music, the town built the Teatro Municipal Masso Rivera, the leading cultural and educational institute in the region.

There are other interesting landmarks in Toa Alta, such as the historic Parroquia San Fernando Rey, the Villa Tropical Recreation Centre, and the Plaza Aquarium Mall. Mirador del Josco is a small exhibit dedicated to the Josco, a Puerto Rican bull that was a prominent figure in a story by Abelardo Diaz Alfaro.

The Plaza de Recreo Egozcue has a very unique feature. Growing in the site is the legendary Arbol Bala de Cañon, a tree with lovely, shell-shaped red, white and yellow flowers, and fruits resembling cannonballs.

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