The residents of the middle-class suburb of Targowek on Vistula River’s right bank live in low-rise villas and flats. Some on-going real estate projects feature environment-friendly, sustainable designs, with many new developments beside Park Leśny Bródno and the Bródno Forest. According to archeological discoveries, the first residents of Warsaw, sometime between the 8th to 10th centuries, settled within Bródno Forest.

The district’s commercial activity is centred on its three huge shopping centres, including one of IKEA’s biggest outlets in Central Europe. Targowek is fast becoming known for its many retail outlets devoted to home furnishings and décor. The Warsaw Industrial Park is close to the city centre. Targowek also has vocational and private schools.

Yet 30 percent of the district’s land area is devoted to green areas and public parks, such as Bródnowski Park, a popular venue for public events. It has a modern 12-screen multiplex, one of the biggest in Poland.