Taito can be regarded as a cradle of Japanese culture.  The district of Ueno has the finest cultural sites in the city, with shrines and the Tokyo National Museum.

Ueno is known for some of its high land value near the station although a significant portion of Tokyo's homeless can be found in this district.

Akihabara in Taito is also known as “Japan's Electric Town”. Simply called Akiba, it is the major shopping area for appliances, computers and anime goods. Akiba is well known among foreign visitors for its cheap electronics which can be bargained in the alleyways.

Akiba’s buildings have colourful facades, which match the whimsical Japanese themes in anime and other otaku-themed designs.
The area surrounding Akihabara has recently experienced a residential construction boom. The number of housing units, particularly apartments, has increased since 2003.

A number of historic and cultural sites can be found in the district of Asakusa, and the district of Asakubashi is famous for its traditional Japanese dolls and bead stores.

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